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Consumer Focussed and Totally Independent

E-bikeAdvice is where Australians turn to for independent information, guidance, and reviews of electric bicycles. E-bikeAdvice is an independent electric bicycle content publisher.

Through a combination of authentic, compelling content, owner reviews, videos and independent recommendation, E-bikeAdvice has grown to a team of many experts from all around Australia.

E-bikeAdvice’s team continually reviews all new models to ensure Australians can choose the best electric bicycle for their specific needs i.e. commuting to work, social riding, travelling, carrying kids, or off road etc.

Our reviews are written by e-bike enthusiasts, owners and users, for e-bike owners and users who are passionate about electric bicycles.


Jack Fabling

"I’ve been commuting with e-bikes for well over 10 years and I’ve seen the transformation of the electric bicycle scene develop and grow. The technology and reliability has improved ten-fold and the choices now... are almost limitless”

Juli van de Beste

"I grew up with bicycles, in The Netherlands where women are the largest % of people cycling. A fact the Dutch share with their rivals Denmark. So, I know a good bike when I see one; especially a cargo e-bike…"

Sophia Couture

"For many people who might not enjoy cycling on a conventional bicycle, a weekend on an e-bike quickly makes converts of them, as an electric drive can make a huge difference with hills and head-winds - pas de soucis...”

Marius Jensen

"An E-MTB lets you ride further, faster, and makes you smile on the climbs. You still have to work, but by assisting your efforts, you can squeeze every last drop of enjoyment out of your rides"

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