Vamos El Rapido + Step-through 2019

The El Rapido + Step-through is an inner-city run-around e-bike, designed for commuting and beach-going, created by Australian brand – Vamos. The is the second model by Vamos we have reviewed, and I must say that the brand have come along way. From humble beginnings with only 2 outlets and 3 models to a national, 3 state distributorship and 5 models.

This model is a delight to ride and highly cost effective and they even offer finance via Zip Money, but it’s only $1100 which is fantastic in comparison to the cost of other similar e-bikes on the market at the moment. The price point is great when you consider the complete El Rapido + package.

Premio E Series Elite 2018

With the popularity of e-bikes increasing along with expanding cycle path infrastructure in neighbourhoods and CBD areas, cost-effective versions of electric bikes are coming on the market, where upon well-known retailers are selling boxed-up e-bikes for you to take home and build yourself. Some say they are cheap’n’cheerful, and others say that the electric bicycle is becoming more accessible, for regular people, from a cost perspective. A supermarket chain recently released a foldable electric bike-in-box and now electronics and audio-visual retailer, JB HiFi, are exclusively selling this LifeCycle Commuter E-Bike.

Premio E Series Elite 2018

Premio Bikes was started 2017 in Sydney, Australia. They position this model as an URBAN COMMUTER or INNER-CITY RUN AROUND

Our test ride showed that this e-bike was good to ride and has competent hill climbing abilities, relative to the 24v motor and battery combination. The whole e-bike feels quite solid and is well put together and there is a feeling of decent quality. At $1800 as is, you get what you pay for.

Giant LaFree E+ 2 2019

Giant is a Taiwanese company recognized as one of the world’s largest bicycle manufacturers, having facilities in Taiwan, the Netherlands, and China. 

Good points

  • A nice, quiet belt-driven MID-Drive motor, made by YAMAHA
  • 400Wh, 36V 11.1Ah Lithium BATTERY with 50 PLUS km range
  • 6 levels of assistance
  • 8 speed Shimano gears which interact with the mid-drive very well
  • Hydraulic disc brakes – front & back
  • Back carrier rack that surpasses the ‘pannier test’ for saddle bags
  • Nicely positioned Kickstand

Trek Verve+ Lowstep 2019

The Verve+ Lowstep has a lightweight aluminium frame with step-through geometry; a 250-watt Bosch Active Line mid-drive with pedal-assist speed up to 25 km/h; a PowerPack Performance 400Wh 11Ah battery and a handlebar-mounted Bosch Purion display controller. Integrated Lync front and back lights, wide Bontrager H5 Hard-Case Ultimate tyres, hydraulic disc brakes front and back for all-weather stopping power, with nice fenders and a well-placed kickstand

Kalkhoff Agattu 1.I Advance 2019

This Kalkhoff Agattu 1.I Advance has just about everything you need – integrated lights, well placed kickstand, chainguard, mudguards or fenders and a sturdy rear rack to carry loads with panniers/saddle-bags. And finally, a quiet mid-drive system, with a comfy saddle, suspension seat post and suspension forks

Gazelle Grenoble C7+ HMB 2018

It is an upright position best suited to leisurely riding and recreational cycling. Tyres are thicker, and the seat is well-padded and comfortable. The Gazelle Grenoble is well balanced, handles well and feels solid and stable when riding

Merida Espresso 300 2018

The Merida Espresso 300 (2018) model retails from between $2699 to $2999 depending on which bike shop you visit. So, shop around and trade off the cost of the basics, with what you are willing to pay

VelectriX Urban 2.0

Our test ride showed that this e-bike handles well and indeed the motor-pedal-assist-gearing system, works well together and give you the ‘boost’ you need. As at 30/11/2018, this entry level, uni-sex commuter and recreational run-around, retails for $1495 which offers fair value

Shogun SB 100

The Shogun SB100 Uni-Sex Step-Through is an entry level recreational run-around, and uni-sex commuter e-bike, but it lacks a few basics. When you consider that it retails for $1450, I suppose you get what you pay for

Lime E-bike

The objective of this review was to compare this e-bike, to other electric bicycles already on the Australian market. Find a bike shop near you that stocks electric bicycles and arrange a TEST RIDE with any e-bike they have in store

Lekker E-Jordaan

A seamless 5 speed gear system from NuVinci; hydraulic disc brakes in the front and back for safe braking; high-quality seat; separate front light and integrated back light; high capacity battery and Bafang front hub motor makes the Lekker E-Jordaan an experience to commute on and I feel it’s worth every bit it’s price tag of $2200.

Vamos El Fresco

A good 7 speed gear system for hill climbs; disc brake in the front and v-brake at the back for braking on downhills; high-quality comfortable seat; separate front and rear lights; sleek, elegant, battery and front hub motor makes the Vamos El Fresco a delight to run-around on. The look and feel of this model, is in the spirit of a “…Dutch-Style…” and I pleased that it only costs $1,449 which is within the price range of regular people, when you compare to other brands on the market at the moment, with similar qualities

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